Cutamilla is a 3,000 acre Historic Nature Reserve.

    Come visit us! It is available for business meetings, 4x4 tours, social events, product presentations, filming and some very special weddings...

    It offers the same services as a hotel but it is not a public establishment.
    At only one hour from Madrid and 10 minutes from the Medieval City of Sigüenza. The entrance to the property from the CM-1101 is controlled by our security guards 24/7.

    The Stately Home is accessed through a 2 miles private and paved road from the entrance to the house.

    There are 12 large en suite rooms and a kitchen that is run by the Chef Mara, Grand Diplôme Le Cordón Bleu in Paris who is also the owner the rural estate. Many of the ingredients used are organic and home grown: game meat, calves reared in our pastures, honey from our hives, free-range eggs, vegetables from the garden, walnuts, quince, blackberries and rosehips compote, mushrooms, etc.
  • History

    Cutamilla appears in the Inventory of Royal Hunting Grounds since 1325 (Hunting Book of Alfonso XI). [Text in Old Castilian]

    "Cutamiella es buen monte de puerco en ivierno, et es la vocería desde el camino que vá de Vaydes á Mandayona por cima de la cumbre catante el río, fasta en par de la casa de Cotamiella. Et son las armadas la una en Sanct Pedro, et la otra en Vianiella, et la mas cierta es esta."

    The Art Nouveau stately house was built in the second half of the nineteenth century by the Duke of Pastrana, along with the private railroad station of the property, which allowed the comfortable visit of distinguished people of the Spanish society, including the Queen Regent Maria Christina of Hapsburg and King Alfonso XII.

    The waters that supply the Stately House and surrounding buildings are classified as Natural Mineral Water for public consumption and was bottled under the brand "Fontemilla" and currently as "Font Vella Sigüenza", the first national brand.

    Within its 3,000 acres in Cutamilla we find the typical landscapes of the South of the central plateau in the foothills of the Iberian Mountain Range: Forests, grasslands, prairies and deciduous trees along the course of the river Henares.

    The old countryhouse is located in the central area of the property.

    It is worth highlighting the previously mentioned Stately home, a chapel, a school, a pen of agricultural origin, which has been renovated and is today a meeting space. A chivero (place were second-hand items could be bought and sold) that has been transformed into the most modern kitchen, a seventeenth-century chapel and a dovecote.

    These buildings are situated in the old landscaped garden with its walks with old trees among which are some that have survived until today and date from nineteenth century: mulberry, pine, horse chestnut, acacias, banana, walnut, limes and century-old oak trees, etc.
  • The Garden of Statues

    Opposite the house, a pond and two modernist cast iron statues welcome visitors.

    It is accessed up three flights of stone stairs following a stone stairway that match a pattern of rising platforms leading to the porch to enter the Stately home.
  • The Garden of Pine Trees

    This garden of about 2000m with several old examples of Corsican pine trees is located to the West of the Stately home, opposite the Chapel.
  • The Garden of Pomegranate Trees

    Two beautiful pomegranate trees give name to this garden located East of the Stately home. It is on the path leading to pago del Matorral at the foot of a small, but very comfortable guesthouse. Following this footway along the valley of the Henares, upstream, we arrive to the sources supplying the property.
  • The Prairies

    Crossing the river, opposite the Houses of Cutamilla and its gardens there is an extensive irrigated pasture in which limousin cattle and our Arabian horses graze.

    On certain occasions we use a small part of this grassland as a parking area with a capacity for 300 cars.

    Among the various buildings in Cutamilla there is a Stately home and a Chapel of the nineteenth century, an old barn converted into an events hall, a former School that is being used as a meeting room, a guest house, and the old guards rooms.
  • The Stately Home

    It is an Art Nouveau style building that is accessed from the front porch opposite the Garden of Statues. A juniper tree door gives way to the entrance hall, under the watchful eye of wild boars, roe deers and deers; trophies that have be hunted in Cutamilla for many years.

    Scots pine, juniper tree and marble flooring organise the different rooms. At the back, a wrought iron staircase connects the three floors and wine cellar of the Stately home.

    All the decor and furnishings match the style of the time. The ground floor consists of three halls; 30, 70 and 50m2, all with one, or even two, fireplaces, plus two spacious bathroom and kitchens. One of the halls, the medium-size one, has access to the garden and courtyard with 250 m2 marble floors, which may be fully covered and in which there are two other bathrooms and a wood-fired oven.
  • The Bedrooms

    Mount Cutamilla offers those customers who wish to spend the night there a series of historic rooms with antique décor.

    They include, on the first floor, six 30m2 bedrooms overlooking the different gardens that surround the house all of which are either double or twin-bed en suite bedrooms.

    The upper floor has 2 additional bedrooms similar to those mentioned above together with a family suite that accommodates up to 4 people overlooking the Garden of Statues and two bathrooms.

    In total, the Stately home has an occupancy of approximately 20 people.
  • The Courtyard

    The courtyard is accessed from the Stately home through the Marble Hall or from the Guard’s Rooms. It has 250 m2, which may be covered completely and has two bedrooms and a wood stove.
  • The Wine Cellar

    It is a 100 m2 open-plan space located in the basement under the halls of the house where we keep our wines in optimal conditions. The dinners that are held here are magical.
  • The Guard’s rooms

    We have three other 20m2 bedrooms attached to the Stately home with access to and views of the Chapel, all of which are either double or twin-bed en suite bedrooms.
  • The Pomegranate Trees Hall

    It is a small guest house located in the garden of the same name.
  • The Barn

    The barn is the main interior space for special events.

    It is accessed from the footpath that surrounds the Garden of the Pine Trees and the Chapel. It consists of an open space of 500 m2 with exposed stone walls and large windows, with a capacity for 300 people. Its capacity may be increased if a tent is installed on the front porch. It has a kitchen, office and services.
  • The Chapel

    The Chapel was blessed on the 19th December 1902, by the Bishop of Sigüenza, Fr. Toribio Minguella.

    It is surrounded by two cypresses, two walnut trees, a lime tree and an ancient oak. It is accessed via a stone staircase opposite the Garden of Pine Trees. It has a chorus on the entrance, and a capacity of up to 24 people seated. Currently it is not possible to have any celebrations that require registration albeit there have been a few exceptions.
  • The School

    Formerly, it was a classroom for the children living in the village. Currently, it has been renovated and converted into a 200m2 open space for meetings, with spectacular views over the valley of Henares.
  • The Hermitage and the Dovecot

    Both buildings date from the XVI century and are characteristic of the Houses of Cutamilla.

    The events and activities that take place on the Mount of Cutamilla include weddings and other family or business events. Such events normally take place between the months of May and September although clients increasingly opt for the winter season. Monte de Cutamilla has over a hectare of usable lawn in its different gardens, all of which are illuminated.

    There is also the possibility of combining both interior and outdoor spaces: The halls of the Stately Home (150 m2), the Courtyard (250 m2) and the Barn (500 m2).

    Within the Reserve, there are also natural spaces suitable for meetings, lunches or outdoor cooking classes, to collect mushrooms, berries and vegetables, and sporting events (climbing, hiking, wildlife watching, bird watching, horse-riding with purebred Arabian horses bred on the property, selective hunting of wild boars and roe deers in season).

    Occasionally, we offer the rental of the property for private use when you may enjoy the entire estate exclusively.

    All these activities may be carried out in addition to business activities organised within the property.

    There are also 25 km of roads and trails for private use and 4x4 tours of various difficulties and paved roads for the presentation and testing of vehicles in a private nature reserve with historic buildings and beautiful landscapes.

    Many of these areas have been chosen as a location for shootings and the creation of catalogues, such as Top Chef Spain and Paco's Men, a Spanish comedy television series.
  • Weddings

    You will feel as though you were celebrating your wedding in your own country house. You will greet your guests at the entrance of the Gardens of the Stately home where you will be staying within a beautiful natural landscape.

    For a truly original celebration, you may choose from the nearby natural areas such as the bank of river Henares for the civil ceremony, the pre-dinner or the dancing.

    All of the wedding details and particularly those related to the food will be decided together with the Chef Mara Onses, the owner.

    The available dates are limited as we only organise one wedding per weekend and a total of two per month in order to be able to maintain the gardens and hold corporate events on weekdays.

    Come visit us!
  • Business Meetings

    Meetings have been held in Cutamilla that have resulted in the merger or acquisition of well-known companies. It is a great place to have trade negotiations, brainstorming meetings, training courses, steering committees, etc. with the possibility of offering accommodation. We offer several rooms and outdoor space suitable to support the development and success of your event.
  • Team Building

    Cutamilla is the perfect place to organise team-building activities.

    The setting, meeting rooms and cooking classes help to increase the levels of trust, cooperation, creativity, responsibility and commitment. Whilst sampling the dishes and enjoying a good glass of wine at the same time, each team has to create a menu following the instructions given by the Chef. There will be surprises and the activity will conclude with everyone sitting at the table.
  • Outdoor Activities

    The fauna consists of species typical of the Iberian territory. There are peregrine falcons, goshawks, grey herons and griffon vultures flying in its sky and nesting in the gullies of the Henares valley where the roe deers breed and the wild boars roam. Mustelids also inhabit the rural property such as martens, beech martens, genets and badgers. There are also foxes and occasionally during the cold winter nights it is possible to hear the eerie howl of a wolf.

    Adjacent to the Mount of the Cutamilla is the natural park of Dulce River, where the unforgettable Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente, filmed his most impressive scenes of Iberian Wildlife in his series, El Hombre y la Tierra (Men and Earth).
  • 4×4 Tours

    Within the reserve there are about 25 km of roads and trails for private use. Among them, there are circuits with natural obstacles such as ponds and steep slopes and other more specialised ones with specific testing grounds for the most demanding 4x4 brands.

    We also have paved roads that are suitable for all purposes, as well as other average difficulty circuits for sport utility vehicles. In Cutamilla you will find a tour that will meet your needs.
  • Private rental

    In some instances, it is possible to rent the state for private use and you will be able to enjoy all the property exclusively. Feel as the owner of a historical nature reserve, where you can go horse riding with our purebred Arabian horses bred on the rural estate, explore the natural beauty of the valley of the Henares and Dulce, hunt wild boars and roe deers, go on wildlife viewing expeditions and get lost in its pathways.
  • Filming and Catalogues

    Mount Cutamilla has in its 1,200 hectares countless and astounding landscapes. That is the reason why it has been selected numerous times for filming TV shows, movies, advertising reports, fashion, design, game and automotive catalogues...
  • Gastronomy

    Your Chef Mara Onsés is one of the owners of the property. Grand Diplome Cordon Bleu Paris will surprise you with interesting creations in the field of evolved traditional cuisine and cuisine d'auteur.

    Mara designs the business and weddings menus and teaches her famous cooking classes as a complementary activity to business meetings. It is what the Chef herself refers to as “Cooking Experience”.
  • Cooking Experience

    Mount Cutamilla has everything necessary to ensure it is a success and that this new experience fosters teamwork.

    Cooking is a creative activity that when carried out within group and in a relaxed manner it is a great opportunity to do something different and exchange ideas and opinions.

    Cooking with friends and acquaintances is an excellent anti-stress therapy that facilitates teamwork and evokes positive emotions. Also, it allows the team to be able to show its coordination and organisation skills and encourages socialisation and joint effort.

    We design a tailored cooking experience for each company in accordance with the number of people and the time available for the activity.

    Depending on the project design, cooking will take place outdoors, weather permitting, in the kitchen or in a room equipped as a kitchen.

    We offer you a meeting room at the top of a hill, in a cellar, in a stable, in a nineteenth century Stately home or in the middle of an oak forest.
  • The Pantry

    Many of the raw materials of the estate have been produced in the nature reserve itself. Vegetables and fruits from the vegetable garden, hunting (venison loins, wild boar tenderloin...), honey, eggs laid by our chickens, even meat from our calves reared outdoors with the rich pastures of the property: acorns, oak sprouts and grains that are grown here.
    We occasionally offer our customers a selected calf. You can join the next selection in the shop section.
  • SHOP

    There are certain products from the estate that maracatering uses in her dishes. Some of them are available in our store.

    We are now offering Cutamilla’s friends meat from our cattle. Each month we slaughter one and you can become a friend by clicking this link to receive information regarding the following date.

    What makes Cutamilla’s meat different to the rest?

    We are frequently asked where it is possible to get meat from our cattle. Let us inform you that with the exception of a single butcher from Sigüenza our sole provider is a company specialised in high-quality products for export.

    The meat of cows and calves from Cutamilla is exported from Spain and can only be enjoyed here in some restaurants in the area.

    As all of those of you who know the property, our cattle are raised outdoors with the rich pastures of the farm, acorns, oak sprouts and grains that are grown here.

    The result is known by some of you: an organic meat with an excellent flavour that is clearly distinct from the meat which, in most cases, comes from massive feedlots.

    Following your suggestions we have decided to slaughter each month one of our cattle to make it available to those who might be interested.

    We offer home delivery of 5 or 10 kg boxes containing wrapped trays weighing approximately 1 kg each with proportional different parts of the animal so that the content of each box is varied.

    The 5kg box is comprised of:
    • 1,5 kg of minced meat
    • 500 g of loin
    • 1 kg of meat for stew
    • 2 kg of fillets of the highest quality
    Price: 68€ (VAT and delivery costs included within the community of Madrid)

    The 10kg box is comprised of:
    • 3 kg of minced meat
    • 1 kg of loin
    • 2 kg of meat for stew
    • 4 kg of fillets of the highest quality
    • Complimentary 2 steaks
    Price: 136€ (VAT and delivery costs included within the community of Madrid)

    If you have any questions please call us on 0034 609.51.02.42 or write to: info@maracatering.com

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    The property is located 117 km from Madrid, exit 104 of the A-2 (Madrid-Barcelona) towards Sigüenza, and the 12.1 km of the CM-1101.

    Barajas Airport is 105 km from the estate, about an hour away driving at an average speed.

    It takes approximately 1½ hours to drive from Madrid city centre. If driving from Madrid, 60km can be travelled by the R-2, and the remaining 44 by the A-2. The access from the CM-1101 (P.K. 12.1) is via a paved road for private use, which is closed by a barrier, and the security personnel may be contacted via a TV monitor. The descent to the Houses of Cutamilla begins there going through an oak forest in the mountains until the unmistakable silhouette of Mount Cutamilla emerges.

    We have a car park at the entrance of the house with capacity for over 100 vehicles.