Within its 3,000 acres in Cutamilla we find the typical landscapes of the South of the central plateau in the foothills of the Iberian Mountain Range: Forests, grasslands, prairies and deciduous trees along the course of the river Henares.

    The old countryhouse is located in the central area of the property.

    It is worth highlighting the previously mentioned Stately home, a chapel, a school, a pen of agricultural origin, which has been renovated and is today a meeting space. A chivero (place were second-hand items could be bought and sold) that has been transformed into the most modern kitchen, a seventeenth-century chapel and a dovecote.

    These buildings are situated in the old landscaped garden with its walks with old trees among which are some that have survived until today and date from nineteenth century: mulberry, pine, horse chestnut, acacias, banana, walnut, limes and century-old oak trees, etc.