• The Stately Home

    It is an Art Nouveau style building that is accessed from the front porch opposite the Garden of Statues. A juniper tree door gives way to the entrance hall, under the watchful eye of wild boars, roe deers and deers; trophies that have be hunted in Cutamilla for many years.

    Scots pine, juniper tree and marble flooring organise the different rooms. At the back, a wrought iron staircase connects the three floors and wine cellar of the Stately home.

    All the decor and furnishings match the style of the time. The ground floor consists of three halls; 30, 70 and 50m2, all with one, or even two, fireplaces, plus two spacious bathroom and kitchens. One of the halls, the medium-size one, has access to the garden and courtyard with 250 m2 marble floors, which may be fully covered and in which there are two other bathrooms and a wood-fired oven.